Fantasy Diamond League

Fantasy Diamond League

This document was last updated on 24/05/2018

This is probably one of the shortest GDPR policies you will readÖ and deliberately so! The reason for that is that our retention and use of user data has always been as minimalistic and transparent as possible. So to explain this in a policy, we listed the key questions on user data and answered them in simple terms ;

What information is being collected?

Just the first name, surname and email address of each user. In return we only contact users in the event of them need to be notified that they have one a round of Fantasy and where to send their prize.

Who is collecting it?

The platform collects the data and stores it securely on our cloud based servers

How is it collected?

The user registers for the game, and enters their own data. Again, we only ask for the smallest amount of data to identify people for logging in

Why is it being collected?

Itís used for identification and security to log into a user account

How will it be used?

It will be used for logging in to the Fantasy Diamond League Game. Then any activity on the platform will be stored to give a greater level of analytics to the user and their team.

Who will it be shared with?

It will not be shared with anyone

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?

The effect will be minimal to the individual outside of platform use.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?

We have never sent marketing or advertising emails on behalf of the platform, and have no short or medium term desire to do so. If that policy ever changes, you will be given full and proper notice in advance.

Who do I contact to remove user details

By emailing us at or calling the office, we will arrange the full deletion of a userís details within 24 hours. The user will then be able to check that their details have been removed if they attempt to login again. We will enforce the right to erasure for any user who requests it.